About Ghana Broadcating Corporation

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation is a giant electronic media (Radio and Television) organization tasked with a mission to lead the broadcasting industry through quality programming, which promotes the development and cultural aspirations of Ghana as well as undertaking viable commercial activities.

GBC has emerged as a force to reckon with: 31transmitter sites dotted around the country, 6 national and 1 regional TV channels, 17 radio stations broadcasting in 23 languages to serve the varied needs of the Ghanaian population.

GBC’s main line of business is the production and delivery of Television and Radio Programmes on its airwaves to consumers. The Corporation’s programmes are funded wholly from internally generated funds (IGF) mostly through adverts, sponsorship, transmission and space rentals.

The Corporation is under the leadership of the Director- General, assisted by the Deputy Director-General and 12 Directors of various Divisions.


To be the Authentic and Trusted Voice of Ghana


To lead the Broadcasting and Communication Industry through quality programming this promotes the development and cultural aspirations of Ghana. To undertake viable Commercial activities that promotes the aspirations of the Corporation.


  • Be committed to providing credible, reliable and quality Broadcasting and Communication Services.
  • Promote National consciousness, loyalty, integrity, self-reliance and provide strong sense of national identity.
  • Be guided by a high standard of professionalism, objectivity, accuracy, balance and excellence.
  • Pursue sound policies and best business practices in dealing with our stakeholders.
Our Strength

What Makes We Outstanding

We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

Diverse Broadcasting

One of the most diversified Groups offering numerous opportunities for partnership in strategic management, technology transfer, technical and/or financial support

Solid Work Force

Boasts of a huge workforce of young and old talented and skilled personnel with a good balance in gender, race, and social stratification

Stable Economy

We have extensive experience for more than 87 years, serving and providing authentic news and programs


The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation has 7 television channels, 18 Regional and District Radio Station, and 33 Transmitter Sites