Core Functions of Our Various Divisions

The Corporation is under the leadership of the Director- General, assisted by the Deputy Director-General and 12 Directors of various Divisions. The Divisions are namely;

Human Resource

Human Resource (HR) is one of the ten (10) Divisions of the Corporation. Their work is mainly concerned with needs for Human Resources to be provided and deployed. They put emphasis on planning, monitoring and control. HR gives premium to staff problem solving with cooperation from members of the respective Divisions.


The Television Division has the following responsibilities and duties: 1. The Television Division develops television content (programmes) for transmission. 2. Ensures that information (News and Current Affairs, Education, Entertainment, Advertisement activities are carried out. 3. The Division ensures adherence to all Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s policies pertaining to television programmes on all delivery and transmission platforms. 4 The division develops new programmes to fulfil the mandate of GBC

Internal Audit

The prime objective of Internal Audit Division is to provide a reasonable assurance to the Board and the Director-General that the entire Corporation operates in accordance with Management plans, policies and procedures. In addition, Internal Audit is to ensure the reliability of all accounting reports used in making well informed management decisions. The Internal Audit Division advises the Director-General and all other Directors on Internal control, risk management and governance arrangement (Financial Administration controls, measures and implementations).


The Finance Division performs the following functions: 1) Advice the Director General on all financial matters
2) Responsible for the production of management and statutory financial reports of the Corporation.
3) Liaise with various stakeholders of the Corporation on all financial matters.
4) Lead the Budget Committee in the development of the Annual Budget Estimates of the Corporation.
5) Keep and maintain proper books of accounts and proper records in relation to them as prescribed by the relevant financial regulations and laws.
6) Ensure efficient and effective management and utilisation of the financial resources of the Corporation.
7) Training and Capacity building.
8) Perform other duties that may be referred to the Division from time to time by the Director-General.


The Engineering Division is to plan, execute, monitor and control all GBC’s projects, installations, repairs work, servicing and maintenance of all GBC’s operational equipment and services’ delivery systems. The operational equipment and service delivery systems constitute studio equipment, links and Satellite equipment, transmitters, electrical gadgets and systems, standby generators, vehicles, Estates, ICT infrastructures and training.


The core business of the Radio Division includes news gathering, production and presentation. The Division produces quality programmes to promote the development and cultural aspirations of Ghana. The Programmes and news items are then preserved for archival purposes.

Technical Production

The Technical Production Division is responsible for operating the radio and television production and broadcast equipment to capture, process, package and transmit programmes and news or store programmes and news on suitable media for later use or exchange. The radio and television broadcast equipment is installed in studios and OB vans and they possess appropriate technology and electronic tools to translate events, programme scripts and production plans into broadcast content.

Legal Service

The main objective of the Legal Division of the Corporation is to provide legal advisory services and protect the legal interests of the Corporation and its sub-bodies/entities as established by law. Sub-bodies/entities here refer to the Board or any such formation granted under the L.I. establishing GBC.

The Legal Division is to provide a wide spectrum of advice, services and assistance on legal matters affecting the operation and activities of the Corporation. Legal Division is also to provide support and secretarial services to the Governing Board of the Corporation and all its Committees and Sub-Committees.


The Marketing Division performs the following roles:
1. The Division has a mandate to market recorded programmes from time to time.
2. Arrange and negotiate, and buy broadcast materials
3. Manages barter arrangements
4. Manages payment of commission
5. Airtime sales and marketing

Corporate Affrairs

The Corporate Affairs Division has the responsibility of projecting and managing the image of the Corporation. It is also responsible for internal and external communications, stakeholder relations, public affairs, community relations and client relations.and gather genuine and up-to-date feedback to streamline its services from time to time.

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The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation is a giant electronic media (Radio and Television) organization tasked with a mission to lead the broadcasting industry through quality programming, which promotes the development and cultural aspirations of Ghana as well as undertaking viable commercial activities


To lead the broadcasting and communication industry through quality programming, which promotes the development and cultural aspirations of Ghana


To be the authentic and trusted voice of Ghana