Commercial & Allied Services Group

A Jospong Group with 5 subsidiaries.

Dora Yeboah-Boateng

About Us

It boasts of one of the earliest established founding companies in Appointed Time Printing, a major television giant Metro TV, AH Hotel with a state-of-the-art room and restaurant services, Africa Institute of Sanitation and Waste Management, Acreaty, and Dumgya.

With a percentage profit of 16% contribution, the Commercial and Allied Services cluster is the second-highest profit contributing cluster to the Jospong Group of Companies. It is headed by Mrs, Dora Yeboah Boateng who steers the affairs 6 solid subsidiaries.

This cluster generally consists of companies that see to the operations of the Jospong Group in its customer-facing services such as Multimedia, Hospitality, Printing and publishing, Human resource outsourcing and consulting services, and other allied services.

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Jospong Group

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Core Workforce

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Why Choose Us

Diverse Nature

One of the most diversified Groups offering numerous opportunities for partnership in strategic management, technology transfer, technical and/or financial support

Solid Workforce

Boasts of a huge workforce of young and old talented and skilled personnel with a good balance in gender, race, and social stratification

Stable Economy

Our businesses are mostly situated in Ghana which is one of the most peaceful and stable economies in Africa.


The commercial and allied services group under the Jospong group boasts of the founding company, Appointed Time printing which is over 25-years

Well Resourced

We have a strong financial and infrastructural base in terms of equipment and facilities

Strong Relationship

We have built strong relationships with the government and other businesses.


Environment & Sanitation

& Logistics

Information Comm Technology


The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation is a giant electronic media (Radio and Television) organization tasked with a mission to lead the broadcasting industry through quality programming, which promotes the development and cultural aspirations of Ghana as well as undertaking viable commercial activities


To lead the broadcasting and communication industry through quality programming, which promotes the development and cultural aspirations of Ghana


To be the authentic and trusted voice of Ghana